New LIAN Ordering System at


It’s finally here: our new LIAN ordering system OOS is online and is available for ordering TCM herbal prescriptions at the following web address:
To log into the new OOS, you can use you existing OBS login name and password as usual. 

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New release: Female Infertility and Reproductive Gynecology


20 years ago, LIAN invited the fertility specialist Yuning Wu (CN) to give a seminar and thus laid the foundation for the creation of this work.
To make prescribing easier, we have made the numerous formulas in the book available in the LIAN online ordering system (OOS) as a digital flow chart.

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"Are you dealing with a treacherous invader?"


Interview in the Engadiner Post newspaper with Dr. Paul Thomas Raders MSc. B.Ac., Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Acupuncture. Dr. Raders practices at the Heilbad St. Moritz spa and at the Palazzo Antonio in Soglio, Bergell. He is a consultant doctor for TCM at the Oberengadine Hospital and a university lecturer at the Danube University in Krems, Austria.

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Corona update


Short supply, seminar cancellations, formula suggestions from Dr. Li Jie and the call to continue work as a TCM therapist.

It is important at the moment to relieve the health system. You can also write prescriptions without direct contact with patients.

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Coronavirus - are Chinese medicines safe?


In the last few days, pharmacists at LIAN CHINAHERB have received several inquiries about the safety of TCM granules and raw medicinals with regard to the coronavirus. According to current knowledge about TCM medicines and due to the production conditions and safety precautions at LIAN CHINAHERB, fears regarding the use of TCM medicines are unfounded.

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