Happy Morning Tea

Chinese Herbal Tea



Helps with feeling unwell during pregnancy. Gently supports and regulates digestion. Hyacinth beans bai bian dou strengthen the middle, transform dampness and help the head stay light and cool. Reed rhizome lu gen and bamboo shavings zhu ru cool internal heat and soothe the middle. Aromatic perilla leaves zi su ye, mandarin peel chen pi, and cardamon sha ren help relieve discomfort by transforming dampness, resolving stagnation, and descending rebellious energy. Add some fresh ginger (sheng jiang) to harmonize the tea and further support the digestion.


Pinyin English
bai bian dou hyacinth beans
lu gen reed rhizome
zi su ye perilla leaf
zhu ru bamboo shavings
chen pi mandarin peel
sha ren cardamon

Package size: 45 g


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