Formula production 
step by step

precise and safe

The production of formulas requires absolutely error-free workflows. Every movement of goods - from the arrival of raw materials to the patient - is recorded and can be called up at any time. All processing steps are subject to double control and are under constant supervision of our pharmacist.

How we process the order for a formula

1. Receipt of formula

We accept your patient's prescription via fax, e-mail or our Online Ordering System (OOS) and transfer the customer, recipient, formula components and quantities into our IT system.

2. Formula review

We carry out plausibility checks because prescription errors can happen, despite all precautions, so do not be surprised if we ask in the case of unusual formulas. We want to prevent mistakes. In a second step, the data are checked again: for input errors, possible overdosing and completeness.

The formula intake is monitored by a TCM specialist. In case of doubt, we will contact you. If everything is OK, the formula is released for further processing.

3. Weighing

Our employees weigh each component using computer-controlled means. The weight tolerance is 0.2 gram. Each item is verified before weighing through bar code scanning. The respective batch number is stored in our database. The IT system denies incorrect item numbers.

4. Mixing and packing

When the prescription is fully weighed, the label with the administration instructions as well as all delivery papers are printed out automatically. The formula mixture is put into a resealable plastic bag and mixed.

5. Completion for shipping

A final check is carried out. All details in the order are compared with the invoice and the total weight is checked again. The formula is sent together with the invoice, the health insurance copy and a copy of your original prescription. For each formula, we add a measuring spoon (unless otherwise agreed). Each letter or package is entered in a mailing list.

Different galenic forms of TCM Granules; powder – tablets – capsules, ready for shipping.

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