Prescribing during your training


Students receive a discount of 30 percent on prescriptions for their own use. Give LIAN a copy of the confirmation of your ongoing training, and you can immediately order herbal formulas for your own needs. These will be delivered to the student's address that was provided.

As soon as you provide us with a copy of the confirmation that you passed the final exam, we can immediately send prescriptions to your patient's address.

For students with advanced knowledge, there is another possibility during training: if the lecturer provides LIAN with a confirmation that the student has sufficient expertise, students can prescribe prescriptions to patients even before the training has been completed. For this confirmation, LIAN will provide the form "Certificate for students for the prescription of Chinese medicines".

Of course, LIAN's specialists check each prescription for maximum dosages, contraindications and interactions.

Some TCM teachers offer supervision for their student's prescriptions. Orders from such supervisions should be checked by the teacher. The prescription will be sent in the name of the teacher, the name of the student will only be noted with us. It is also possible for the teacher to order through our online ordering system, stating that it is a supervision order for a particular student. This allows us to transfer the orders to the OOS account of the student, so that he / she has the history of the prescription ordered under supervision.

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